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Job Title:

MDTF Lot Coordinator

Required Number:

Two (2)

Specific location

1-;;;;; Gogrial East; West, Abyei and Twic

1.;;;;; Ulang and Nasir

Country and Location

South Sudan

Contract Duration:

12 months

Level of Safeguarding risk:

Medium - the person will have limited contact with children; but will have contact with vulnerable people during his/her work

Reports to:

MDTF Project Lead


General Description of the Programme:

GOAL, an International Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) with a presence in South Sudan since 1985.; GOAL in South Sudan implements emergency, early recovery and development focused programs through a multi-sectoral programs approach in in five counties Ulang, Renk.(upper Nile State), Kajo Keji (Central Equatorial), Twic ( Warrap State) and Abyei Administrative Area. GOAL implement Nutrition, Health food Security and Livelihood activities with inclusion and child protection as cross cutting themes. With the MDTF GOAL is planning to reestablished its presence Gogrial East ,; Gogrial West; and Nasir Counties combining with the; counties mentioned above; will take it programming in 7 Counties and one Administrative Area.;


The HSTP aims at setting up implementation arrangements for the delivery of the Basic Package of Health and Nutrition Services (BPHNS- in all 10 states and 3 administrative areas of South Sudan. The integrated services will be delivered through the hospitals, Primary Health Care Centres (PHCC), Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs), and Boma Health Initiative (BHI- Government Community Health Strategy) structures. The delivery of services through these levels will require an enabling environment- both social and environmental- and a functional infrastructure that is well-maintained and supported. The delivery of services will require well-trained, supervised, and supported human resources and the availability of essential medical commodities and supplies. While the new implementation arrangement will involve the BHI as a service delivery platform, priority will be given to the potential role of the platform on prevention and demand generation supported by an effective referral system from the communities and primary health care facilities to the hospitals.

The Ministry of Health is critical in providing overall leadership and guidance for health services delivery at all levels, with the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) 2023-2027 as the guiding principle.

GOAL South Sudan will be working with MoH at the level; of the County,; State; and Administrative Area; to support the County Health Departments in Twic, Gogrial East and Gogrial West; and Abyei (lot 24) and Ulang and Nasir (lot 22) under this funding.


GOAL South Sudan is therefore seeking highly motivated, self-driven and proactive individuals (2) to work as the MDTF Lot Coordinator in Ulang and Gogrial East. Each of the candidate will oversee one of the MDTF lots, Lot 22 (Ulang and Nasir) and Lot 24 (Twic, Gogrial west, Gogrial East and Abyei).

Job Purpose

;Based in Gogrial West/Ulang and frequent travel in MDTF field locations within the lot, the Lot Coordinator, as the most senior field staff, will be responsible for direct management and oversight of the MDTF activities. S/he will provide operational, management and administrative support to the other members of the Lot (Senior Program Officers, MEAL Officer, Nutrition Officer BHI Officer,; Senior Finance Officer Cashier, Hospital Manager, MNCH Manager and Field Manager). This responsibility covers the operational/support functions (Security, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Admin) and direct programme activities (HSTP implementation) and includes coordination, programme planning and overseeing the day-to-day operations of senior field staff. The Lot Coordinator will lead a technical team (MEAL Officers, Medical Logistician, Health, Nutrition and the Gender Equality and Social Mangers), frequently liaising with County Health Department staff within the Lot. The Lot Coordinator should have a good top-level knowledge and understanding of all activities in their location, in particular he/she should be aware of the constraints faced by the team and be actively working with them to manage these constraints and trouble shoot problems as they arise.



;Coordinate and oversee the successful implementation and monitoring of the MDTF programme for; her/ his assigned Lot 22.

;This will involve ensuring:

  • Proper planning by the programme departments to ensure programme implementation is in accordance with the donor proposals.
  • Good, timely coordination between the different programme departments and Operational/Support functions.
  • An understanding by all parties of the constraints faced by other departments.
  • The efficient performance of the Operational/Support functions.
  • If required, the LC has a role to play resolving any conflicts between the different departments.
  • ;

    Overall Key responsibilities: Level of Effort 100% within the Lot Area.

    • Programme Management
    • Overall Management of the Lot assigned.
    • Planning and implementing the activities in coordination with the CHDs in the lot at the field level.
    • Responsible for the CHD capacity building plan for the CHDs in the lot at the field level.
    • Direct line management and day-to-day oversight of the Project staff in the Lot area including Senior Health Officer, MNCH/Hospital Managers, ;GESI officers , Medical Logisticians, MEAL Officer, Field Operations Manager and Finance) focusing on continuous quality improvement.
    • Manages partnership and relationships with State Ministry of Health (SMOH) at the lot area.
    • Ensures that items needed for project implementation are procured timely and within budget.
    • Budget holder in the Lot area assigned.
    • Ensures that MEAL functions in the Lot area are carried out timely (including DHIS data collection, supporting and mentoring the CHD in data analysis, and monthly routine reporting)
    • External coordination to ensure GOAL’s position is understood and protected
    • Escalates in a timely manner issues of concern related to: safeguarding, fraud and compliance
    • Weekly coordination meetings with senior managers, combined with robust schedule of site visits to ensure LC is familiar with programme activities
    • LC must be familiar with donor contract and proposal, ensuring progress towards targets of activities and indicators contained in proposal.
    • Work with the CHD/SMOH to develop ToR for all the MoH staff receiving incentives;; that each staff should sign so that each staff has a reference document; that can be used in terms of performance management.
    • Work with the relevant team members and stakeholders to develop and regularly update supplies distribution plans. Ensuring that each County team is monitoring stock levels at all the health facilities and distributing supplies based on needs and ensuring there is no stockout
    • Ensures that all procurements are planned well in advance to support timely delivery of project activities within budget and that the projects achieve targets as agreed with MDTF; and that any deviations are flagged and escalated as appropriate.
    • Have overall responsibility of managing the budget making sure spending is in line with what is agreed with the donor; working with the Senior Finance Officer and the Juba base finance team to ensure that there; are no over spent and burn rates in line with implementation time lines


    County Health Department Capacity Development:

    • Responsible for the overall Capacity development of the CHDs in the assigned Lot.
    • Plans and implements the CHD’s Capacity assessment within the inception phase – in close coordination with Programme manager, State Ministry of Health and the respective CHD staff.
    • Implements the outcome of the CHD capacity assessment.
    • Joins CHDs for County Supportive supervision visit and support in reporting writing for such visit.
    • Work with the CHD/SMOH/County Hospital/State Hospital/PHCC and PHCU to develop a detailed budget for the use of the operational budget line for each of this entity.
    • Work closely with the Hospital Managers in her or his Lot to facilitate the development of implementation plan for the hospitals; regularly review the implementation progress and update accordingly .



    • Implement GOAL’s Security Guidelines and Procedures
    • Periodically review of site-specific security guidelines
    • Ensure all office and accommodation meet basic security standards, including fire prevention, lockdown and evacuation procedures.
    • Ensure all staff are familiar with GOAL’s Security Guidelines and GOAL evacuation plan
    • Provide a security briefing to all staff/visitors arriving into the site for the first time
    • Monitor security situation and provide regular information to CD/Security Officer of any incidents, changes or adverse conditions affecting staff safety or project operations in the region; complete donor security incident reports within 24 hours or as soon as possible after any incidents.
    • Engage in regular dialogue with Commissioners, UNISFA, UNDSS, NGO security focal point and field staff in facilities concerning current and expected security situation, including threats/concerns.



    • Day-to-day management of Field Operations Manager (FOM)
    • Work with FOM to ensure GOAL logistics procedures are adhered to at all times, reporting any breaches to Logistics Coordinator/ACDS
    • Coordinate with Logistics Coordinator on issues related to Logistics.
    • Ensure Logistics Office provides required support to programmes.
    • Use the weekly stock report to monitor supplies, materials, and other stock in the different stores and work with the team to plan distribution of items so that things are delivered to the last mile timely
    • Work with the Lot Logistic Officer to complete the weekly store report.



    • Together with the other programme staff at the Lot level and the MDTF Project Co, develop procurement plan for individual counties and maintain a consolidated plan (for the lot) and work in close coordination with the procurement team to make sure this is regularly updated;;
    • Follow up with both the field County Teams a and the Juba base procurement and logistics team on ongoing procurement making sure unnecessary delays are avoided and flag to SMT any delays that might affect programme delivery ..
    • Regularly review ongoing procurement and planned activities and update procurement plan
    • Ensure request are raised with the lead time of procurement level that is involve in mind to minimize delays in the implementation of critical components of the project

    . Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning:;

    • Work with the MEAL team to ensure that IPTT is develop for the project clearly indicating targets for each county and lot.
    • Support the Lot area teams to collect the data digitally and analyse the same for use during the monthly reporting.
    • Work with the relevant team members to plan and conduct quarterly joint supportive supervision with SMOH and monthly supervision by CHDs for assigned lot.
    • Organize and facilitate quarterly review of performance, identification of bottlenecks and microplanning of corrective solutions by CHDs, and Bi-annual review meeting organized by SMOH with the participation of all CHDs within each state.
    • Works with the CHDs in consolidation of data and ensures there is generation and submission of the Lot based reports to Program Manager within the agreed timeframes.
    • Any deviation from targets is flagged before the reporting and explained in the monthly reporting
    • Ensures all the data collection and reporting tools are available for the health facilities based staff, and that the CHD uses the required reporting tools.
    • Ensures that the MEAL officer based in the Lot area works collaboratively with MEAL leadership in Juba to conduct all assessments
    • Ensure the relevant questions are asked to address the targets as per HPF target documents
    • Ensure that the data is digitally collected as per support provided from MEAL coordinator in Juba.
    • Work with MEAL team to ensure that all targets and indicators chosen for project are realistic.


    CHD Warehouse management:

    • Day to day management of the medical logistician
    • The potential candidate will be responsible for the management of medical supplies received from MDTF and any ;buffer stock procured by GOAL.
    • Ensures that last mile delivery is conducted and reported within 21 days of receiving drug supply and kits destined for each health facility are not opened before reaching intended health facility.
    • Works with the Drug management committees to ensure that there is no leakage of medicines from the point of receipt at CHD warehouse, to the point of dispensing in the health facilities.
    • Acts as the secretary general for the Drug Management Committee – and ensures that all investigations conducted are documented accordingly.
    • Ensures there is a full time GOAL Storekeeper in each of CHD offices within Lot counties.
    • Ensures that all the warehouse management practices are done in every warehouse county including: FEFO, FIFO, de-junking, appropriate renovation of the warehouses, updating of the stock cards etc.


    Budget monitoring and Management:

    • Monitors and manages the Lot based budgets on an ongoing basis comparing the forecasts closely with the expenditures. Ensures deviation to spending is flagged and solutions sought to ensure GOAL’s forecasts and expenditure are within 10% variance within the Lot.
    • Work with the respective county teams to develop spending plans in line with budget and track expenditure to ensure there are no over and underspending. This should not be dependent on BMTs
    • Reviews and comments on the BMTs generated for the Lot from finance, ensuring all the budgeted activities and purchases paid are captured correctly in the BMTs and flagged wrong codes for finance reversals
    • Responds to queries from Program Manager and Juba finance manager promptly on budget forecasts and expenditure for the assigned lot.
    • Monthly review of spending and forecasting
    • Review of Cash Book for reasonability of expenditure
    • Review of financial paperwork to ensure all transactions are properly authorized and all required supporting documentation is on file and cost charge to correct t codes


    Human resources:

    • Ensures that all project staff are working in accordance to their Job descriptions
    • Ensures that there are no ghost workers within the ministry staff lists receiving incentives from the consortium (including to those working with the partners)
    • Ensure no double payment of incentives to the same staff by different partners.
    • All Facility level staffing is managed through the CHDs and Hospital boards of management and build the capacity of CHD to manage the staff.


    Other Duties

    • The postholder may be requested to undertake other activities mutually agreed with the PD .

    Behaviours (Values in practice);

    • Commitment to Humanitarian Principles and practices.
    • Preparedness to stand with vulnerable communities by understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.
    • High level of integrity acted out through honest and open dealings and relationships.;
    • Highest level of respect shown towards all our partners including community, government stakeholders, donors and staff in a way that encourages dialogue and understanding.;
    • Act as a representative of GOAL and demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour towards children and vulnerable adults both in your private and professional lives.;


    Essential requirements:

    • Public Health
    • Experience in programme management
    • Knowledgeable on Health systems strengthening – all WHO pillars in county health department capacity development support.
    • Experience working in South Sudan for a minimum of two years.
    • Excellent knowledge on rules and regulations governing implementation of DFID funding
    • Self-starter and able to work under undue pressure to accomplish program needs,
    • Computer literate: proficiency in Ms Words, Excel, Outlook, and Data Base required.
    • Good in training and facilitation – with excellent adult training and facilitation skills (preferably with TOT and TOF)
    • An excellent negotiator with experience liaising with County Health Departments, State Ministry of Health, donors and GOAL.
    • Staff management experience and skills


    Equal opportunities

    GOAL is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building an inclusive environment for all employees. We know that the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.All employees share in the responsibility for fulfilling GOAL’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and equal treatment. GOAL does not discriminate against any employee or volunteer; or any applicant for employment or volunteering on the basis of age, gender identity, ancestry, political opinion, civil status, medical condition, ethnic background, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.



    • Children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with GOAL as a result of our activities must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that GOAL shows this on-going commitment to safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.

    General Terms and Conditions

    A commitment to GOAL values of Humanitarianism, Courage, Partnership, Transparency and Accountability and Inclusiveness is critical to working with GOAL.

    Accountability within GOAL;

    Alongside our safeguarding policy, GOAL is an equal opportunities employer and has a set of integrity policies. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to the following key areas of accountability:;

    • Comply with GOAL’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, code of conduct, health and safety, confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behaviour protocols.;
    • Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within our programming area.;
    • Report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour of a GOAL staff or partner.;


    ;General Description of the Programme/GOAL

    Established in 1977, GOAL is an international humanitarian and development agency, with a team of 2,400 personnel, dedicated to alleviating the needs of the most vulnerable communities. Currently operating in 14 of the world’s most vulnerable countries, GOAL delivers a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes, ranging from humanitarian relief in disaster situations, to focusing on nutrition, food security, and building greater resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

    GOAL has an annual budget of an estimated €200 million and is supported by a range of donors including the Governments of Ireland, UK, USA, the European Union, individuals, trusts and foundations. GOAL values the power of partnership and works with local and international partners to achieve its mission.

    GOAL has been working in South Sudan since 1985 with a focus on Health, Nutrition, WASH, Food Security, and livelihood interventions, and is continually adapting and responding to the context to support the people in need. GOAL currently operates in Abyei Special Administrative Area, Kajo-Keji, Twic (in Warrap State), Renk, and Ulang Counties and is working to expand its operations to other parts of the country where humanitarian needs are immense.


    GOAL has a Staff Code of Conduct and a Child Protection Policy, which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants and children from exploitation. GOAL also has a confidentiality policy ensuring the non-disclosure of any information whatsoever relating to the practices and business of GOAL, acquired in the course of duty, to any other person or organisation without authority, except in the normal execution of duty. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to these policies any job offer made is also subject to police clearance. GOAL is an equal opportunities employer.

    This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. GOAL reserves the right to change this document. Any published closing dates are estimated.; Due to the nature of GOAL’s work we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible.; This means that we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate,;and this may be before the published closing date.; We would therefore advise interested applicants to submit an application as early as possible.


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