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GOAL Global Partnership Center

Building Partnerships for Sustainable Change

GOAL's Global Partnership Center (GPC) is a cornerstone initiative aimed at fortifying GOAL's Partnership portfolio and steadfast dedication to the localization agenda. Established in mid-2023 with generous support from Irish Aid, the center marks a pivotal milestone in our journey. By recognizing the critical role that local actors play in leading locally-driven humanitarian initiatives, GOAL is helping to foster sustainable, systemic change.

How We Work

The Global Partnership Centre (GPC) currently has four objectives under our Irish Aid commitment. These objectives are underpinned by the acknowledgment that local actors play a pivotal role as catalysts for systemic change.

Collaborative partnerships foster innovation and drive efficient solutions. By empowering permanent local actors to lead locally-driven humanitarian responses, we empower local communities to effectively enact lasting change.

To this end, the GPC supports GOAL country teams with advisory and support services, aimed at identifying local partners for investment.

The Centre is also strengthening the capacity of GOAL's local partners by providing technical guidance and support to their senior management teams and board members. We guide them in cultivating new competencies, strategies, systems, and structures to bolster their overall effectiveness.

The GPC has also established the Organizational Development Fund (ODF), with support from Irish Aid, with the recognition that identifying areas for support is only meaningful if accompanied by flexible funding.


Identify local partner agencies for strategic investment
Provide training and technical guidance across a range of programmatic and operational functions
Strengthen the leadership and governances of GOAL's partner agencies
Facilitate strategic networking and collaboration between GOAL's partner agencies

Where We Work


Meet Our Partners

To learn more, watch the testimonials from two of our local partners in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia - MUSASA and the Development Expertise Centre (DEC).

Last December in Harare, MUSASA received board induction training for their new board members, with a focus on developing and understanding the corporate governance framework of the board and the board charter. 

Meanwhile, in Bishoftu, DEC's senior management team received training on leadership development and effective people management.  

With support from the Global Partnership Centre, MUSASA and DEC have strengthened their leadership and governance, enabling them to become more resilient, independent, and sustainable organizations.


Meet Our Team


Mary Yamanis


Mandy became Director of GOAL's Global Partnership Center (GPC) in October 2023. Mandy orchestrates the Center's strategic vision, focusing on identifying and nurturing partnerships with a diverse array of local agencies, including civil society groups, governmental bodies, private sector entities, academic institutions, and grassroots organizations.


Jimmy Bongo

Global Partnership Coordinator

Working alongside Mandy is Jimmy Bongo, our Global Partnership Coordinator. He offers senior technical leadership in managing GOAL's partnerships. With a focus on onboarding, on-granting, and performance management, Jimmy plays an a pivotal role in nurturing our collaborative endeavours.


Robert Katende

Systems Analysis & Design Advisor

Robert Katende, GPC's Systems Analysis and Design Advisor, provides invaluable expertise in mapping systems and identifying strategic partners critical to GOAL's mission.