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People Survive Crises

Why this goal?

Conflict, instability, poor governance, and climate change have created an unprecedented level of humanitarian need.
Often spanning multiple geographies, crises are becoming increasingly complex and protracted, with affected
communities needing additional support for longer periods of time.

Saving lives and alleviating human suffering

GOAL's Emergency Response function focuses on saving lives and alleviating human suffering. This response often involves prioritizing needs such as food, water, shelter, cash, and other non-food items. It also sees GOAL reduce morbidity and mortality through the delivery of targeted health responses, including: emergency sanitation, hygiene promotion, disease surveillance, immunization campaigns, outbreak response, curative nutrition programs, and primary healthcare services.

Such initiatives may then transition to more sustained and long-term programming, where the focus shifts to the rehabilitation of health, water, sanitation, food, and other market systems.


How will GOAL achieve this?

GOAL is strengthening its existing response capabilities and working with a range of partners to ensure a more effective response to slow-onset and acute emergencies. We plan to achieve this by:

  • Providing rapid response to sudden onset emergencies in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.
  • Ensuring access to life-saving assistance, including food, health, nutrition and WASH assistance through multiple modalities, prioritizing Cash and Voucher Assistance.
  • Strengthening organizational capacity to track and respond to humanitarian crises in high-risk countries.
  • Strengthening the capacity of national disaster risk management agencies, communities, and partners for anticipatory and early action.
  • Empowering and supporting local partners to deliver emergency responses that are timely and needs appropriate.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with government agencies, civil society organisations, and private sector businesses in complementary thematic and sectoral areas; shelter, protection, technology, and communications.
  • Increasing GOAL’s engagement with strategic alliances and networks focused on emergency response.

Stories: Emergency Response in action

Humanitarian and Emergency Response

GOAL’s Emergency Response function focuses, at first instance, on saving lives and alleviating
human suffering. The response may involve prioritising needs such as food, water, shelter, cash
and other non-food items in line with needs and working alongside local and international partners.