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Our Governance

GOAL USA is committed to maintaining the highest levels of good governance across our organization and in our humanitarian programs. We prioritize accountability with all our stakeholders, particularly the communities, donors, and partners that we work with.

Workplace integrity

Authentic workplace integrity - where a strong moral character lies at the core - is by definition a whole and ongoing organizational effort. It goes beyond transparency and accountability and includes compliance with the law and organizational standards, as well as with universal ethical principles, i.e. respect, fairness and honesty and applying these ethical norms in our professional context.

GOAL has a range of policies, procedures and systems that comprise our Workplace Integrity Framework and compliment and support our cultural commitment to accountability and integrity. The framework incorporates core policies including the Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy, Whistleblowing Policy, Anti-Fraud Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and internal controls and management systems that which empower and guide all internal stakeholders.

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Key GOAL Organizational Policies

GOAL and GOAL USA have in place a wide range of policies that set out our approach, expectations, and ways for working across key areas of our organization and work.

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Where donations and funding go

Last year, GOAL invested $168 million in our work supporting communities across 14 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

GOAL teams reached more than six million people through our emergency response, nutrition, health, and livelihood focus areas. We remain committed to delivering community-focused, sustainable and transformative change where it is needed most.


GOAL has been awarded the Candid Seal of Transparency, demonstrating our commitment to donor transparency and accountability. We are extremely grateful for the compassion and generosity of our donors. We make sure that every cent donated matters and that the trust of our donors is honored.

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