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Help families in need this Christmas

Help families far from home this Christmas

Home is a special place, all year round.

And as Christmas approaches, it becomes even more cherished. The yearning for a familiar, safe place, surrounded by loved ones is a feeling we all share.

Now imagine if coming home was just a dream. If you had been forced to leave everything behind, not knowing if you could ever return.

Imagine being forced to walk for days to escape conflict and the devastating impact of climate change. This is the reality for millions of families this Christmas. Millions of families who are going to bed hungry every night. 

In Gaza, Palestinian families are under siege without regular access to food, water and medical care. Forced from their homes by constant shelling.

In Syria, families have endured 10 years of conflict. They're facing another Christmas in temporary shelters, battling freezing temperatures. Hoping they'll survive the winter. They desperately need your support. 


With your support we can be there for families in need.

Your support means people left with absolutely nothing can survive far from home.

With your support GOAL teams can continue to provide hope to families in the world's poorest communities. In the most dangerous conflicts. Delivering food, water and medical support.

With your help we can save lives. Because that's what GOALies do.

Please donate today and help deliver critical support to families in need this Christmas.


GOAL teams are delivering life saving support this Christmas

Supporting families in crisis this Christmas

Kareem and his family have spent the last decade travelling across war-torn Syria seeking refuge. Neighbouring Turkey offered a safe haven and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Sadly, this respite was short-lived. The family were forced to flee once again when a massive earthquake struck Turkey in February. Lucky to escape with their lives, the family returned to North-West Syria.

Escalating conflict has once again uprooted the family. As airstrikes intensified, Kareem and his family were forced to flee their home in Sarmin.

The decision was not taken lightly but Kareem was left with no choice, "You experience the peak of helplessness when you see your children scared, trembling."

"Although it was dangerous to travel while bombs were falling all around us, I gathered my children one evening when the shelling waned a bit and we escaped without looking back," Kareem says.

Kareem with his 2 sons and daughter at their new temporary home

GOAL teams are providing food, water, shelter and medical care to Kareem and his family at a refugee camp in Kelly, North-West Syria

As Syrian communities endure 10 years of war and hardship, Kareem has also had to cope with his own personal battle - hereditary skin cancer.

"Before the attacks, I felt I was carrying the weight of my illness, but when under bombardment, my disease became my lightest burden," Kareem explains.

His sole focus is making sure his children are safe.

Fortunately, Kareem and his family made it safely to a camp for displaced communities in Kelly, Syria. Safe at last, Kareem worried how he would provide for his family.

Thankfully, with your support, GOAL teams are there for Kareem and Syrian families far from home this Christmas.

Delivering life-saving nutritious food, clean water and medical care to communities fleeing conflict. And providing shelter, heating and warm clothing to help families survive the harsh winter.

"GOAL's support saved me and my family from hunger and brought a smile to our faces." Kareem says.