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Irish Aid

GOAL and the Irish Government work in close partnership to achieve our common aim of reducing poverty and building
better futures for vulnerable populations around the world.

Working with the support of Irish Aid

From 2019-2021, GOAL is working with the support of Irish Aid to increase people’s resilience and well-being in 10 countries: Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and Iraq. These locations are reflective of our commitment to work in complex and fragile states, with activity linked to GOAL’s four strategic objectives:

1) People Survive Crises
2) People have Resilient Health
3) People have Food & Nutrition Security and
4) People have Sustainable Livelihoods.


GOAL recognizes that building resilience helps to ensure the sustainability of our programs by enhancing communities' ability to absorb, respond and recover from shocks. This is crucial to preserving well-earned development gains in the face of sudden-onset and protracted humanitarian crises. Thanks to the support of Irish Aid, GOAL has established the Resilience, Innovation, and Learning Hub, and is increasingly recognized as a key player in disaster resilience measurement.

GOAL's partnership with Irish Aid also deepens public engagement by focusing on development education in schools and building broader understanding on the impact of humanitarian aid and development. GOAL is committed to helping provide evidence that will inform, engage and inspire the Irish public to become active Global Citizens - building their commitment to global justice, equality and a fair world for all.


For more information about GOAL’s work with Irish Aid, please contact GOAL today.