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Here2Help Freetown

Supporting Sierra Leoneans affected by Covid-19

GOAL is working with local communities to fight the spread of the coronavirus in Sierra Leone. We need your support to reach as many people as possible with clean water, food and Covid-19 prevention measures.


"Remembering the devastation that recent tragedies have caused Sierra Leone, I became quickly worried as to how we would handle Covid-19.  I was conscious that other nations that have historically given us a helping hand may be more focused on their own issues.

A few of us got talking and we wanted to help, but we were far away. Hence, we needed to find a trusted partner that could work with us to raise donations and help people in a transparent manner, in line with what the people want and need.

This is where GOAL came in. I know them to be a good partner of DfID (UK Aid) which I know well. We discussed the needs with them and concluded that bolstering the work that GOAL is already doing was a quick and effective way to help."

Marvin Bell, Here2Help Freetown Founder

GOAL's work in Sierra Leone

GOAL has worked in Sierra Leone since 1999. Work began as part of a post-war response and went on to see GOAL play a central role in the 2014 Ebola response. 

GOAL teams are now using the knowledge and expertise employed to fight the Ebola virus to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in Sierra Leone.

Staff have been working closely with local communities to provide protective equipment, increase awareness and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Working closely with local government, GOAL teams are also helping to distribute food and safe drinking water to Covid-19 patients quarantined in the capital, Freetown. With your support we can continue to fight this virus together.

How You Can Help

Your support will make a huge difference to the lives of Sierra Leoneans fighting the coronavirus. Please give what you can today.

  • $25 can take care of one person throughout their quarantine
  • $50 can support almost three people throughout their quarantine
  • $150 can provide food and sanitary items to a family for their quarantine

The Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, has worked with GOAL on a number of projects and is asking all friends of Sierra Leone in a position to give, to do so generously.

Here2Help Team

H2H Freetown was set up by a group of Sierra Leoneans based in Freetown and abroad in partnership with GOAL and the Freetown Mayor's Office. They wanted a transparent way of connecting those around the world wanting to help, and the people needing help.

Here2help Freetown team