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GOAL Position Papers

Amplifying the voice of vulnerable communities

In addition to our program work, GOAL produces position and discussion papers highlighting key issues and opportunities to strengthen national and international policies and systems. This in turn helps to ensure the communities we support can live more resilient lives in a more equal, fair, and sustainable world.

Working across 14 countries, we use insights from our programs to amplify the voices of the vulnerable communities we work with. This supports our engagement with stakeholders at home and abroad, including Governments, policy makers, donors, the private sector, academic institutions, and civil society.

GOAL’s work is founded in the global interconnectedness and universality at the heart of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It recognizes the importance of building innovative collaboration and engagement opportunities.

GOAL Position Papers


Food Systems

As the UN prepares for its Food Systems Summit in 2021, the world is responding to increasing levels of hunger. Securing equitable, resilient and sustainable food systems needs to be a high priority.



Climate change poses the greatest threat to our future. Sadly, vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected. Urgent policy change with global financial commitments is critical.



As Ireland takes a seat on the United Nations Security Council, GOAL and GOAL USA look forward to working with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs in pursuit of peace and dignity for the people of Syria.



GOAL is calling for the international community to increase and accelerate action to address the humanitarian and security crises facing millions of Venezuelans and Colombians in Colombia.



As the world grapples with the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis, GOAL is committed to doing everything it can to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable populations in the Global South.