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Localization in action: GOAL Ethiopia’s journey in building local partners’ capacity to ensure effective and fruitful localization.


May 15, 2024 • 1 min read

For more than forty years, GOAL has been active in Ethiopia. Beyond addressing various human-made and natural crises, GOAL has actively collaborated with local non-governmental organizations to broaden its impact. This partnership aims to empower local organizations, enhance their operational capabilities, and improve project execution. Among these organizations, the Center of Concern (CoC) stands out for its growth in capacity and reach facilitated by this collaboration.

Building skills, enhancing systems

Since 2012, GOAL Ethiopia has been with CoC, providing advice and guidance in various areas of CoC’s work. Together, they improved CoC’s structure, set up new departments, and made staffing and financial processes smoother. This partnership ensured CoC met high standards for partnerships and management.

“The partnership wasn’t just about fixing procedures; it was about building skills. GOAL Ethiopia trained CoC in strategic planning, monitoring, and evaluation. This knowledge helped CoC create a strong five-year plan based on community feedback,” Mr Assefa Getaneh, CoC’s executive director.

Among the major changes was in CoC’s monitoring and evaluation systems. With GOAL Ethiopia’s help, CoC developed a thorough way to track project progress and impact. This data-focused approach allowed CoC to spot areas needing improvement and adjust services to better-fit beneficiaries’ needs.

“The M&E team actively works with the program team, learning and planning together. Different reporting formats provided by GOAL Ethiopia improved our formal communication.

For instance, analyzing data showed a need for separate service times for boys and girls at drop-in centers. CoC adjusted schedules, accordingly, making the centers more welcoming for girls”. Mr. Assefa added.

CoC also addressed high child migration rates, by creating economic empowerment and education programs, with GOAL Ethiopia’s support.

Sustainability and Success

The partnership not only improved CoC’s internal systems but also strengthened its connection with beneficiaries. CoC now engages with project participants, ensuring their voices are heard. They’ve also diversified funding sources and managed over 10 projects, ensuring a sustainable future.

The collaboration between GOAL Ethiopia and CoC shows how local partnerships can lead to remarkable results. By sharing knowledge, fostering learning, and involving beneficiaries, both organizations have made a significant impact.