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Sudan Crisis

Help families fleeing conflict

Help support communities in crisis

As conflict rages in Sudan families are struggling to survive. Supplies of food, clean water and medicines are running dangerously low. Hospitals remain closed or inaccessible.

Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes and are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Communities in Sudan were already suffering from the impact of climate change and poverty. East Africa's worst drought in 40 years has seen rivers run dry, farmers lose their livestock and left millions facing extreme hunger.

Now communities are fleeing in terror, desperately seeking refuge from the violence.

Despite the challenges GOAL teams are on the ground delivering food, water and medical support. With your help we can save lives.

GOALies have been supporting vulnerable communities in Sudan for over 35 years. Today, over 200 staff are working on the ground to deliver lifesaving services.

With your support, GOAL teams are working with local communities to support farmers facing drought. Helping families to access nutritious food. And providing lifesaving support to children suffering from acute malnutrition.

With no end to the violence in sight, communities in Sudan need your help now more than ever.


How You Can Help

GOAL has responded to humanitarian crises for over 45 years. GOAL teams have delivered lifesaving nutrition, sanitation and healthcare programmes in Sudan since 1985.

With your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need;

  • $75 will provide emergency food and water for a family in desperate need
  • $110 can provide blankets and hygiene supplies to a displaced family with nowhere to go
  • $180 could provide flour, oil, salt and grains to feed 4 families for a month

Crisis in numbers


Civilians killed

3.7 million

People internally displaced

3 million

Children suffering from acute malnutrition

15.8 million

People in need of humanitarian aid